Comes in a 2 oz. recyclable, reusable metal bottle
Makes 45 servings or more depending on the strength you prefer.
0 grams of sugar, carbs and calories
We recommend adding 4 shakes of Tropical Matcha tea powder then adding 1 cup of hot or cold water.
Caffeinated 28 mg/8 oz.

Ingredients: Green tea powder, natural mango flavor, natural kiwi flavor, Japanese Matcha tea powder

Flavor Notes

Our Tropical Matcha Tea incorporates the crisp flavor of mango, kiwi and peach.  The fruity aroma will instantly remind you of a tropical paradise.  Use it with ice-cold sparkling water and a fruit wedge for a special twist on iced tea.  It’s a perfect stand-in for soda if you’re trying to kick the habit.


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