Green Tea Matcha


Comes in a half-pound resealable bag with measuring scoop
Makes about 265 8-oz servings; our most economical option
0 grams of sugar, carbs and calories
3 recipes included on back label
Caffeinated 28 mg/8 oz.

Ingredients: Organic green tea powder, organic Japanese matcha tea powder

Flavor Notes
Our all-natural Green Tea Matcha is a blend of select organic green teas. The antioxidant rich powder is a bold green color with a silky smooth texture. It has the characteristic herbaceous flavor of a classic green tea, but with an earthy kick thanks to the addition of Japanese matcha. Our green tea powder makes a perfect cup of hot green tea.  And, it’s just as perfect iced or added to lemonade for an
instant green tea lemonade.

Green tea powder
Japanese matcha powder

Follow serving size instructions and add powder to hot/cold water or milk.
Stir as needed.



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