Tube contains 8 on-the-go packets
Each packet contains enough matcha for one 16-oz. serving
0 grams of sugar, 5 calories, 0 carbs

Flavor Notes:
100% pure organic Japanese matcha is the magic hiding inside that packet. The antioxidant rich powder is a bold green color with a silky smooth texture, and it is packed with polyphenols. It has a complex and aromatic flavor that leaves a sweetly herbaceous aftertaste. Our matcha powder is best consumed hot, but it is also delicious iced, and gives a photogenic Technicolor glow to your green smoothies. Please note: real Japanese matcha will not dissolve; instead, you will see sediment at the bottom of your cup. Drink it up. You won’t want to leave a drop of this powerhouse powder behind.

Organic green tea powder



Our matcha growing region in southwestern Japan was designated a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System by the FAO, a branch of the UN.

Our organic matcha consists only of fresh harvested Kagoshima and Shizuoka leaves. No fillers or preservatives.

We mill our organic matcha to the perfect particle size that is optimal for hot/cold preparation by just shaking or stirring, without clumping.

To ensure the finest quality matcha, every batch is screened for the following –

Metals testing for Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury
Pesticide testing for all pesticides, typically tested for in tea by EU standards
Microbiology testing on total aerobic plate count, mold, yeast, col Radiation testing on cesium and iodine isotopes.