Dirty Matcha


Comes in a 2 oz. recyclable, reusable metal bottle
Makes 45 servings or more depending on the strength you prefer.
0 grams of sugar, carbs and calories
We recommend adding 4 shakes of Dirty Matcha tea powder then adding 1 cup of hot or cold water.
Caffeinated 28 mg/8 oz.

Flavor Notes

The beauty of our Dirty Matcha is that it’s a coffee lover’s tea. So if you’re looking to lower your caffeine intake, Dirty Matcha is the perfect transition beverage. It will give you that familiar coffee experience with about 1/3 the caffeine you’d get in a cup of Jo. You can incorporate it into your morning routine with a coffee smoothie.  Once you’ve kicked the coffee habit, you’re free to clean things up a bit with straight Green Tea. Or keep it dirty; we won’t judge.



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