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10th Avenue Tea was founded by two tea-loving moms: Ann Foley and Morgan Walsh.

Tea was our beverage of choice, but we longed for something more convenient than messy teabags but also less wasteful than single-serve brew cups. We knew our habit contributed to the tons of tea-related waste consuming space in landfills. This image of environmental doom was what lingered in the back of our minds as we sipped our daily tea. Yet this convenient and “green” product we wanted was elusive.

And it suddenly became clear: we could do something about it. Why not make a delicious tea that won’t harm the environment? Why not marry convenience with a green mindset?

That’s where the 10th Avenue Tea journey began. We’ve come a long way from packing and shipping bottles out of our own homes. Most importantly, however, we believe we’ve created a product that is as delicious as a cup of fresh-brewed tea.  We developed an innovative way to enjoy hot or iced tea whenever or wherever you are.  Though we were advised to do otherwise, we held firm to our beliefs and created a tea that is free of sugars, fillers and preservatives. With 10th Avenue Tea, it’s easier than ever to be in the now.


Ann Foley

The youngest of seven children and the daughter of an influential Chicago business owner, Ann has entrepreneurship in her blood. 10th Avenue Tea is the second green company founded by Ann, who also invented a reusable dry cleaning bag that was designed to eliminate plastic bags at dry cleaners. Ann lives in the Chicago area with her husband and four children.

Morgan Walsh

Morgan is an actress, podcast host, and activist. She founded GenderNation.org and is involved with Razia’s Ray of Hope. Morgan is regularly involved with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and podcasts such as Bear Down, Uncommon Sense Education and The Momo Show. Morgan lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and three children.



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