Once summer rolls around, I find it harder than usual to focus. When the sun is out and the temps rise, I have to dig deep into my bag of focus tricks to keep my mind from wandering out of my office and into the pool.

Start With Hydration

Even the slightest amount of dehydration can make it hard to focus. Start with water for proper hydration (at least 64 oz. of water per day). But to really boost my focus, I add a bit of caffeine to stay alert (because deadlines). We recommend adding our Hibiscus Matcha to your water when a staff meeting that was supposed to be 30 minutes is rounding the hour mark (Thanks a lot, Karen).

Protein & Folate

While snacking, choose wisely. I like to reach for items with high quality protein (hello, mixed nuts!). And while it’s tempting to grab a donut or an on-the-go snack for lunch, instead pack a lunch that includes lean poultry, beans and leafy greens. Foods high in monounsaturated fats, such as seeds and nuts help with memory and learning; protein will help keep you feeling full longer, so that your stomach won’t be growling mid staff meeting. When late-afternoon hunger hits, grab my favorite snack ever for a crunchy protein boost. Choose dark leafy greens, avocados and sunflower seeds, all good sources of folate, to help regulate your mood and stay attentive. Avocado toast FTW!

A Sweet Pro Tip

Research suggests chewing gum or enjoying a piece of dark chocolate can enhance attention and promote work performance (and TBH probably your mood too). I keep a pack of gum and dark chocolate in my desk at all times (and I bring extra to share with my work bestie).

Pair these foods with some movement to get blood flowing to the brain. A standing desk might be too much to ask, but a quick walk outside when you have some downtime is a reasonable request.  These are all the tools you  need to be a more focused, more productive and happier employee.

T. Jewell,
The (focused) Tea Blogger