What makes 10th Avenue Tea’s Matcha special?

We give you SUSTAINABLE Matcha

10th Avenue Tea sources matcha from a region in southwestern Japan. It is designated a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System by the FAO, a branch of the UN.

We give you PURE Matcha

Our organic matcha consists only of fresh harvested Kagoshima and Shizuoka leaves, harvested at the peak of their growth, for that unique Matcha flavor.

We give you EXPERT-CRAFTED Matcha

We mill our organic matcha to a precise particle size that is optimal for hot or cold preparation by just shaking or stirring, without clumping. 

We give you THOROUGHLY-TESTED Matcha

To ensure the finest quality matcha, every batch is screened for the following:
Metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury; All pesticides typically tested for in tea using EU standards; Microbiology testing on total aerobic plate count, mold, yeast, coliforms, E. coli; Radiation testing on cesium and iodine isotopes. All CBD products have been rigorously tested and have no THC.

Why Matcha?

Matcha is experiencing resurgence in popularity these days because of its undeniable benefits, all of which you can get in 10th Avenue Tea’s all-natural products:

  • Daily consumption of green tea is associated with reduced mortality from cardiovascular disease.

  • Consuming green tea was linked to reductions in total and LDL cholesterol, and can help improve metabolism and burn fat.

  • Research suggests that catechins like EGCG and L-theanine work together improve memory, attention, brain function and overall health

  • L-Theanine inhibits absorption of caffeine by the brain, causing a “slow release” of caffeine, eliminating the peak and crash cycle of coffee

  • EGCG is thought to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflamatory, and anti-wrinkle effects, and it even has been shown to help oral defense mechanisms and prevent gingivitis

And for years matcha lovers have reported everyday benefits they see from their green tea habit. It calms the mind. It relaxes the body. It enhances mood. It detoxifies gently and naturally.

Why CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is found in industrial hemp. It’s useful for homeostasis, so it helps maintain the optimal conditions under which a human body would naturally thrive. That means CBD + Tea might just be the magical answer to some of the most common problems plaguing humans today. Anxiety. Chronic pain. Depression. Inflammation. CBD has been known to provide relief for all of these problems. It has even been known to promote healthy weight and cardiovascular health to boot. And the best part? Our CBD is blended with our expertly crafted ingredients, like Matcha, Valerian Root and Butterfly Pea. You get all the benefits of those ancient botanicals while the CBD does its work taking the edge off. No THC. Every batch is rigorously tested.