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10th Avenue Tea provides tea lovers with a convenient and eco friendly way to enjoy their favorite beverage. The versatile all-natural tea powder can be consumed hot or iced, added to smoothies, cocktails and a variety of recipes. Check out our recipe page for inspiration on ways to incorporate our blends into your favorite drinks and more!


Because our ultra-fine tea powder is instant, it’s truly as easy as 1-2-3 with 10th Avenue Tea.

Simply shake the desired amount into a mug, pour hot or iced water over it and drink.


10th Avenue Tea was founded by two tea-loving, tree-hugging, entrepreneurial moms.

We realized that the average tea drinker consumes three cups per day, creating over 1,000 tea bags and other tea-related waste per person per year, which occupies space in landfills. (Not to mention the billions of plastic, quick-brewing teacups piled on top of that.) This image of waste and environmental doom was what lingered in the back of our minds every time we made a cup of tea.

And it suddenly became clear: we had to do something about it. Why can’t we make a delicious tea that won’t harm the environment? Why can’t we marry convenience with a green mindset?

That’s when 10th Avenue Tea was born. After extensive product development, we found an innovative way to achieve those goals in the form of our U.S. patent-pending product.  Though we were advised to do otherwise, we held firm to our beliefs and developed a tea powder that is free of sugars, fillers and preservatives. When we found a metal shaker bottle that allowed customers to make the tea to their desired strength and was easily recycled, we knew we had the answers we were searching for.


Ann Foley

Ann Foley is the co-founder and president of 10th Avenue Tea, an all-natural, instant tea powder company.

The youngest of seven children, Ann is the daughter of Chicago area small business owner and has entrepreneurship in her blood. 10th Avenue Tea is the second green company founded by Ann, who also invented a reusable dry cleaning bag that doubled as a garment bag, which was designed to eliminate the use of plastic bags at dry cleaner. After selling the company in 2011, Ann focused on family.

Ann lives in the Chicago area with her husband and four children.





Morgan Walsh

Morgan Walsh is the cofounder and vice president of 10th Avenue Tea, an all-natural, instant tea powder company.

Morgan is an actress, podcast host, influencer, activist, and mother of three. She founded GenderNation.org and is involved with Razia’s Ray of Hope. Morgan studied Improv theater and is regularly involved with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. She has a monthly podcast with Mo Gaffney called The Momo Show, and is also featured in the Uncommon Sense Education and Bear Down podcasts.

Morgan lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and three children.

10th Avenue Tea Gives Back

10th Avenue Tea believes in supporting other women-owned businesses and organizations. Because of that, we have partnered with iFundWomen to select a variety of organizations to whom we will donate a portion of our profits.  iFundWomen is a crowd-funding platform website for a women-led startups and small businesses.

Survivorship Solutions is one of the many inspiring organizations found on iFundWomen, and we are sure you will find their mission as worthy as we do. “…Survivorship Solutions is the first healthcare consultancy firm that focuses on providing essential tools, training, technical assistance, and expert guidance to implement and sustain cancer rehabilitation and survivorship services within healthcare settings of all sizes and budgets.”

Please visit iFundWomen to support this and other women-first organizations.

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