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In today’s busy world, finding a moment of zen to enjoy a cup of tea can prove impossible.  But, with 10th Avenue Tea, you can be in the now whenever and wherever now happens to be.


Simply shake the powder into a cup, add hot or iced water, and enjoy a delicious cup of fresh-brewed tea. 

Shake our powders into your smoothies, cocktails and recipes for a matcha boost!

  Check out our recipe page for inspiration.



10th Avenue Tea was founded by two tea-loving, busy moms: Ann Foley and Morgan Walsh.

As Morgan sat in L.A. traffic, her tea got more bitter by the second. She needed to take out her tea bag, but she had nowhere to put it.  That same day in Chicago, Ann stubbed her toe on a mad dash to the trash can with her dripping teabag in hand.  This everyday inconvenience made it suddenly clear; there has to be an easier way to enjoy our favorite beverage.

That’s when 10th Avenue Tea was born. After extensive product development, we found an innovative way to enjoy hot or iced tea whenever or wherever you are.  Though we were advised to do otherwise, we held firm to our beliefs and developed a tea that is free of sugars, fillers and preservatives. Most importantly, 10th Avenue Tea is as delicious as a cup of fresh-brewed tea. And if convenience and taste aren’t enough, our little shaker bottle can be recycled and won’t contribute to the landfill waste created by a regular box of tea bags. With 10th Avenue Tea, it’s easier than ever to be in the now.


Ann Foley

The youngest of seven children, Ann has entrepreneurship in her blood. 10th Avenue Tea is the second green company founded by Ann, who also invented a reusable dry cleaning bag that was designed to eliminate plastic bags at dry cleaners. Ann lives in the Chicago area with her husband and four children.

Morgan Walsh

Morgan is an actress, podcast host, and activist. She founded GenderNation.org and is involved with Razia’s Ray of Hope. Morgan is regularly involved with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and podcasts such as Bear Down, Uncommon Sense Education and The Momo Show. Morgan lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and three children.


10th Avenue Tea believes in supporting other women-owned businesses and organizations. Because of that, we have partnered with iFundWomen to select a variety of organizations to whom we will donate a portion of our profits.  iFundWomen is a crowd-funding platform website for a women-led startups and small businesses.

GirlSpace is a women only boutique coworking and daycare space. “….Women face more barriers and challenges, and having other like-minded individuals around who can have that ‘Me too’ moment can really keep you going and feeling inspired and capable.” We’re so happy to have even a small part in helping CEO Emmarie Dempsey reach her goals of creating a safe and welcoming space for other women to reach their goals! If you’re interested in contributing, visit GirlSpace on iFundWomen

Please visit iFundWomen to support this and other women-first organizations.



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